Alevea Mental Health Telemedicine

See a Psychiatric Provider from the comfort of home. 

Consult via video chat with an online psychiatric provider, who will perform a full evaluation, diagnose and assess whether medication is appropriate and develop an individualized treatment plan just for you. 

Connect with a psychiatric provider online who can assess if medication might be right for you.


  • Licensed psychiatric providers

  • Compassionate care with personalized treatment plans and ongoing check-in’s

  • Evidence-backed medication management

Do you know?

Insurance pays for Telemedicine visits! Check with your Plan to ensure you have coverage. 


We use a secured and HIPAA compliant platform that ensures your virtual appointment is secure and safe.

No need to download any apps or software!

Just like an in-person visit, the provider performs an in-depth evaluation, diagnose your symptoms, prescribes medication and orders labs. Get the care you need at a time and place that works for you.